Important Information:

  • Alabama Tamil Academy follows the regular school academic year.  Starts on August and ends on May. 
  • Tamil classes starts on August 25th - Saturday 1:30 PM
  • Classes on every Saturday
  • Minimum Age to register: 5
  • Venue: The Hindu Temple & Culture Center of Birmingham
    200 N. Chandalar Dr.Pelham,
    Alabama 35124

  • Yearly Tuition Fee:  $200.  $100 due on June 30th.  The balance amount due on January 1st 2019.  Fee includes one set of books needed for the school year. Books will be handed out to the student on the first day of the school. 
  • Need full support from ATS members and Parents to run a successful Tamil Academy.  Please click here to register for volunteering help. Tamil Academy Volunteer Registration
  • The syllabus and course materials were structured so that students at various levels undergo set number of basic instructional hours at class and home.
  • Curriculum: The focus of the entire curriculum includes the simultaneous development of basic vocabulary (noun, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, etc.,) and the construction of sentences of varying degrees of complexity (form simple to more complex) and the ability to construct and write sentences in Tamil . This includes using the correct tense, count, gender and precise forms of various words.
  • School books and materials will be provided by the Alabama Tamil Academy.
  •  All the new students above 5 years of age are evaluated for their Tamil skill. Depending on the evaluation test score, the students are assigned to the right grade.
  • At the end of each term, teachers issue a progress report to the students. Parents are encouraged to contact the child's teacher or Alabama Tamil School Management team to discuss the students' progress. If necessary, a parent teacher meeting can be scheduled to review the student's progress and set goals to promote achievement.
  • End of the year student evaluation method:  ​​Each student will be observed in the class by his/her teacher on every school day for his/her attendance, class participation and homework skills. Additionally students in the higher grade levels will be observed for reading, recital, writing projects and book reports etc. All these observations are entered into the student's log book every week.

    This information will be used at the end of the year, along with the student's Term Test scores and Final exam score, to calculate the year-round performance of the student and to promote the students to the next grade.

  • For any questions or information please contact:

Alabama Tamil Academy

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